The Creative Link shop will sell products created by artists that have benefited through Creative Link's workshops. Every penny goes straight back to the artist which enables them to begin to build a viable and sustainable livelihood.


For now enjoy the beautiful St Lucian inspired prints turned into garments. Created by us at Creative Link in order to get the funding started.





"Creative Link is a social enterprise that builds gaps between people and the art and design industry in developing countries."


We specialise in running professional art and design workshops, working with creative minded people to empower them to build viable and sustainable livelihoods through the delivery of technical and business skills from professionals who donate their time and expertise to inspiring and teaching people.


The aim is to provide artists in developing countries the chance to be able to learn important skills, whilst also developing the confidence and experience they need to succeed in the future.


As Creative Link has only just launched we need to raise initial funding for all the fantastic things we set out to do. Therefore each new country we set out to help a collection of garments will be designed by the team here at Creative Link using inspiration from that country. It means the team here get to show off our creative skills, whilst also raising money to get our plans going!


The first country Creative Link will set out to help is...


St Lucia


Go check out the St Lucia Collection.




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